SDS Distinction: Valuable balance of large agency experience & personally crafted innovation.


In addition to his time at Frederick & Froberg (since renamed Fanbrandz), Skye has worked as a consultant for several of the branding industry's most prestigious firms since 2004. This large agency background has contributed to an all-encompassing comprehension of the industry and the relationships of key elements that comprise impactful branding.


The small studio company structure of SDS allows Skye to collaborate in direct concert with each client for the entirety of every job, enhancing the overall branding experience. Streamlined time management, efficient communication, and quality deliverables are all advantages of this approach.


Strategic creativity and craftsmanship serve as vehicles to build functional, engaging, and memorable identities. SDS believes in constant innovation to promote these qualities and ensure your brand is best positioned for longevity in its respective market.